Let’s guide the world to a safer future

An all-integrative safety social media platform. The goal of lighthouse was to gather live-crime analytics and dynamically inform users, essentially crowd-sourcing information in the same manner as waze. You are able to start tracking your journey, and become active on the map. Have friends accompany you along your path home, so you never have to walk home alone. Add contributions to the map everytime you see a hazard. Recieve live updates from other users when your surroundings change. Prepare for dangerous situations before confronted with them. With a single tap on your lock screen, you can quickly alert friends and authorities in case of emergency. Worked on this project over a few months, making it more and more user friendly and marketable. The backend was built in ruby with an iOS, Android, and Web portal for the user. However eventually stopped working on the project, when an effective monetization strategy could not be found, and user engagement could not be improved.


HackSC 2015


Best Mobile Hack


iOS, Android, Web, Rails

Built with:

swift, objective c, javascript, html, css, parse, azure, rails, bootstrap, google-maps api, node.js, ajax, jquery


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