Future Without Borders

Future Without Borders

Host a Refugee Family

This is a prototype iOS application that was meant to allow citizens in European Countries to host Syrian Refugees as they are fleeing war. Unfortunately the idea has remained as an m.v.p due to inability to acquire funding for the project. The intended solution was to have hosts across Europe use our mobile app to sign up and offer a family a place to stay. The app links to a parse backend that discovers the nearest refugees and displays them to the hosts, allowing hosts to discover refugees. Using a text based service, built using twilio, there is also the option to contact hosts. It was assumed the average refugee fleeing from war won’t have a smartphone, so all they would need to do is text a number, and then receive essential info on where to go, who to contact, and how to get there, all simply through sms. IBM Bluemix was used as the primary cloud deployment, and from there it interfaced with parse to find the best possible match between refugees and hosts.


SD Hacks 2015
Bluemixathon 2015
Facebook ACM Hacker Expo


IBM at SDHacks: Best Use of IBM Bluemix
Perkins Coie at SDHacks: Most Entrepreneurially Viable Hack
ViaSat at SDHacks: Hack That Best Connects Us
ACM Hacker Expo 2015: Most Innovative Award
IBM at Bluemixathon: Individuals Impacted


iOS, Web

Built with:

swift, objective c, javascript, node.js, bluemix, parse, twilio


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