Alexa M.D.

Alexa M.D.

Alexa a day keeps the doctor away.

Built an interactive doctor using the amazon echo where the user can receive information and various treatment options through Alexa M.D. First, the user can either inquire about various medical information or pick at-home treatment options. We built the platform primarily for people suffering from mental illnesses. Once diagnosed by the echo, we use the occulus rift to treat the patient using exposure therapy (Read more about it here). The user will engage in virtual reality treatment by re-enacting various situations that may usually cause them anxiety or distress, but instead in a controlled environment through the Oculus Rift. Treatments will incrementally lessen the user’s anxieties; a leap motion was also utilized here to create a more immersive VR experience. When the treatment session has concluded, Alexa M.D. will also dispense a user’s prescribed medication through a automated medicine dispenser, powered by the Intel Edison. This ensures users take appropriate dosages while also encouraging them to go through their treatment session before taking their medication.


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Unity, Web, Hardware

Built with:

intel edison, 3d printer, laser cutter, oculus rift, firebase, leap motion, node.js, amazon alexa, c#, amazon web services


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