Akhil Nadendla

I like building products, taking risks, and making an impact.

la@akhil ~ $ apt-get install Hack

About Me

I grew up in the bay area, and moved to Los Angeles to study Computer Science at UCLA. I enjoy creating user experiences, transforming ideas into products. I strongly believe in using technology to help those who need it the most :)

Mobile Dev

I love working with a diverse range of technologies, but I am especially passionate about mobile development. I have worked with iOS and android for a couple years. As smartphones are increasingly disrupting entire industries, I want to be a part of that change agent.


I have been working with design for about a year now, and have worked as a ux/ui designer for a number of personal projects and professionally. Great design is becoming increasingly important in determining a product’s success. I believe in developing products design-first.

Web Dev

I have worked with all manner of web technologies from front-end languages to backend infrastructure. With javascript taking over the internet, I love mastering new frameworks, examining the benefits of one approach over another as well as keeping up with web trends.

Places I've Worked



“Computer Science is no more about computers than Astronomy is about telescopes.”

Want to get in touch?

If you want to work on a project, hire me for a job, or learn more about me. Send me a message! Would love to hear from you.